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While in-person lessons are now the primary way we offer lessons, it's not the only way! We have expanded our lesson services offering online lessons.  We have invested in high speed internet, specialized lighting, and strategic camera angles to ensure quality online lessons, as well as making them as close as possible to being in-person.  We continue to offer online lessons for the following reasons:


-If a student will be traveling domestically or internationally and wants to prevent any kind of exposure to illness.


-If a student resides too far from the school or is out of state.


-If a student is overly busy on the day of the lesson and doesn't have time to travel to the school.


At BGM, we strive to make lessons convenient and accessible to everyone!

Our masterclasses are once a month from September thru May.  They are done online and in-person.  We have conducted a variety of topics, including: Practice makes permanent, Creating an effective practice session, Listening with your eyes and ears, and Learning music theory basics to name a few!  We are currently in a comprehensive series on music history.  Chris is covering the time period from 1865-2000! These classes are offered online and are free for the students of Breaking Grounds in Music! Once we finish our music history series, we'll be adding many more masterclasses that will feature a variety of different topics.  For an overview on what we covered in our music history series, check out our educational resources page. 

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