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Young Drummer

Band Jams for students of all ages! 


Talented Rookies - This band jam group is offered to students of ages 6-12 years old.  In this band jam, students will learn the importance of working together, setting and accomplishing a goal, and learning the basics of timing, song form, harmony, and melody to name a few! Students will be encouraged to work together in a band setting, but will also be given parts to work on individually.  Whether working on a cover or original song, students will get their first taste of what it's like to play in a band!

The Rebels - This band jam group is offered to students of ages 13-20 years old.  Rock N' Roll is often a style associated with teenagers, as this was originally teenage music in the early 50s.  In this group, students will learn beyond Rock N' Roll! They will be introduced to other genres, including Country, Rhythm and Blues, and Soul to name a few! Not only will students learn essential aspects of being in a band, but also the importance of being a versatile musician! Further, students will also learn how to read a chart.  This is a vital skill to develop if a student desires to join school band or engage in session or commercial work.

Wisdom Warriors - This band jam is offered to students of ages 21 and older.  Some adults take lessons to serve as an outlet and fun hobby in their busy lives.  Other adults take lessons because they have plateaued and want to bring fresh ideas and new challenges to their instrument.  Regardless of the motive, this band jam is designed for adults to collaborate, have fun, release stress, and live their dreams of playing in a band! Depending on the needs of the group, students will either learn music through sight reading or in a hands-on way by ear. 

Band jam guidelines:


-Kids and teenage groups meet bi-weekly for 1 hour.

-Adult band jams meet bi-weekly for 1 hour.

-Band jams run from September-December and February-May.

-The cost is $175 per student for an entire 3 month session for the kid and teenage groups.

-The cost is $175 per student for an entire 3 month session for the adult group.

-We'll be working toward doing live performances in December and May where students will showcase their performance in front of an audience.

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