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Helping students achieve success with​ their musical instruments as well as developing quality character are paramount to Breaking Grounds in Music. We work hard to execute these components by continually developing our playing and teaching skills, and modeling a positive example of professionalism to our students. Developing the discipline of practicing on a regular basis is absolutely essential to the enhancement and development of a student. We foster and instill the importance of regular practice that will ensure progression and develop the art of self-discipline. Lastly, our highly screened and carefully selected instructors help ensure a safe, positive, and motivational ​environment for your children.

FACT: In a study of SAT college entry academic achievement results, high school music students scored fifty-seven points higher on the verbal portion of the test and forty-one points higher on the math portion ​of the test.


Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas.

Music training develops the same muscles that will assist you in cooperation, time-management, organization, and concentration/listening skills.

Playing a musical instrument on a regular basis can help lower stress.

Music offers people a plethora of benefits: The thrill of performing, elevating one's confidence, and developing perseverance that achievement comes through commitment, practice, hard work, and vision. Music brings happiness to the heart and soul of the performer, and it brings enthusiasm to moms and dads as they see progression in their children's lives. 


At Breaking Grounds in Music, we are committed to executing all these components that will transcend success for your child. We respect your children and their learning needs​, working at their pace and level of comprehension. We teach the importance of discipline and teamwork in music and in life. We take the time we spend with your child very seriously, and we consider it our responsibility to ensure that each lesson contributes to their development as a successful musician, successful student, and successful human being.

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