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Our School

Our prices are affordable. We offer:

$25.00 per weekly half hour lessons,

$35.00 per weekly 45 minute lessons, and

$40.00 per weekly one hour lessons.


The student has the option to pay cash or check at the beginning of the month, after each lesson, or to do a package of lessons each time. Considering the economic fluctuations and other external factors our country is facing, we are sensitive to maintaining affordable prices so students can pursue their interest in playing a musical instrument.

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Quality Instructors

We know there are many music schools and teachers who offer private lessons and there are many choices to choose from. We distinguish ourselves from our competition in the following areas:

Added Value Services

Our teaching philosophy is that a student should never be labeled as a Rock musician or Jazz musician, but a musician who is versatile in all the styles of music. We foster the importance of building a strong foundation that will cultivate into learning all the styles and methods to your instrument. Further, students will learn the four vital tenets to their instrument: reading music, writing music, memorizing music, and improvising music. We also host educational clinics/events that are edifying and inspirational, and conduct recitals where students will publicly have the opportunity to display their talent. Lastly, students will always have an outline or lesson planner of what to practice for the next lesson. They are welcome to record (audio or video) the lesson to further help them in their practice. The instructor will always make him/herself available during the week if there are any questions on the material.


Our instructors are well trained, experienced, and educated at their crafts. They have experience working with students of all ages and playing levels, and have the ability to differentiate the lessons that best fit the needs of the student. Moreover, our instructors encompass strong moral values and model this example to the student. In an industry filled with drugs and other sinful desires, we make it our utmost priority setting a moral precedence to our students so they can be competent musicians with integrity at their craft.

Convenient Location 
And Clean Environment

We are located at:

1325 E. Davis St. in Arlington Heights, 60005.


We are just east of Downtown Arlington Heights at the corner of Arthur and Davis Streets near Northwest Highway. While we are located in Arlington Heights, we are also very close to Mount Prospect and near Des Plaines. Our school is a clean and comfortable environment for the student to take lessons. Our rooms are spacious, and we have a cozy waiting room for parents to wait while their child is taking lessons. Parents can rest, read magazines/books and educational resources that are available, watch television, or complete their own work as we have Internet access available.

In an age of lying, deceitfulness, and exploitation, we run our business on complete honesty and integrity. We believe that God instituted rules to adhere to and gave us discernment to distinguish between right and wrong. We follow these vital principles God has ordained and incorporate them into our business. We believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect, and our actions toward our students/parents are always forthright and honest. If any issue occurred between a student and instructor, it will be dealt with immediately to bring conflict resolution.

Not only are we teachers of our instruments, but we remain students of our instruments. We believe learning is an ongoing process. Thus, we diligently study our craft and continually develop new concepts to share with our students. There is never an ending point to learning, and we make it a priority to enhance our skills as musicians and for the betterment of our students.

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