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Open A Career Opportunity

Learning a musical instrument can open a door of great career opportunities for you.  If you have a gift of teaching, speaking, or performing, music may be a great career path for you.  There are many career avenues to pursue in the music industry, and learning to play an instrument can provide a financial opportunity, while also allowing you to do something you enjoy.

Cultivate Relationships

Not only can learning an instrument bring you a career opportunity, but it can also be a great way to meet new people and cultivate relationships.  Life is not about going out and making friends; it is about going out and being a friend.  Many lifelong friendships can be cultivated while learning an instrument as you share a common interest with the other person.

Expand Your Horizons

Learning an instrument can help increase one’s level of knowledge.  Every person has a small part of the brain called the motor cortex.  This is the creative, musical, and performing arts part of your brain that helps enable you to dance, play an instrument, or even perform acting!  Regardless of the instrument, a student will strengthen this part of the brain.  There has been proven research that music has helped students improve academically.  According to a study, physician and biologist Lewis Thomas discovered that music majors scored the highest reading scores (“The Case for Music in the Schools,” – Phi Delta Kappan, February 1994).  Additionally, music can help kids understand math and fractions more effectively.  Studies have shown higher test results when playing a musical instrument (Neurological Research March, 1999).

Build Up Your Confidence

Because of the uniqueness and creativity of music, many people perceive playing an instrument as “cool”.  Games like Rock Band and movies like School of Rock have influenced many people of all ages to learn an instrument.  With this said, learning how to play an instrument can help develop a student’s confidence level, and help individuals discover a talent they once thought they never had.  We all need encouragement in life, and music is a good way to build up a student’s self-image.

Learn To Become More Disciplined, Responsible, And Accountable

While music is fun, it is also a responsibility and commitment on the student’s behalf.  Students develop self-discipline skills by learning the importance of maintaining a steady practice schedule.  They develop basic skills such as being responsible by promptly attending each lesson, staying organized, and coming prepared to proceed with new material.  The success of a student depends solely on the student.  The harder they work and stay focused, the more they will achieve and stay motivated.  Therefore, lessons can be a great way to improve these important life qualities, which will help build structure in other areas of life.

Proven Health Benefits

Did you know that a drummer can burn as many as 500 calories playing the drums for 90 minutes?  Did you know that playing any instrument can help release the endorphins in your body, which will result in reduced levels of stress?  Playing a musical instrument has countless health and medical benefits.  It can help in anything from coordination to cognitive thinking to reducing levels of depression.  There have been countless research studies done by medical doctors and universities on the importance of music in one’s life.  Playing an instrument can keep a person healthy and happy for a long time.

Music Can Help Other In The Process

Learning how to play an instrument can have a positive influence on young, aspiring children who want to learn.  A student taking lessons can help influence the young child down the street by their skill on the instrument, work ethic toward the instrument, and being a positive role model to that child.

It Gives A Student Something To 

Work Towards

We all become motivated when we have goals in our life.  A plan of action stimulates our desire to achieve that goal, no matter how difficult it can be.  Playing a musical instrument will give the student something to work towards.  They will learn how to set goals, develop an action plan, and learn to persist and not give up until they understand the material.  They will learn that challenges will help them, mold them, and strengthen them to take their skills to a new level.  Vital life qualities such as goal-setting, persistence, exuberance, and focus are cultivated.

You Can Be You

In mathematics, we have absolute answers.  For instance, two plus two always equals four, or five times four always equals twenty.  There is absolute truth to this.  However, music is the opposite.  It gives a student a chance to be expressive, original, creative, and help develop their own unique style.  There is no right or wrong way to play an instrument.  There are countless ideas a student can create on his/her instrument by just being expressive and trying new things.  This prevents boredom, because there is always something new to learn each time a student sits down behind his/her instrument!

Music Is A BLAST!

Satisfaction is not just in the attainment, but also in the process.  Learning an instrument is fun, because the students will be able to notice their progression.  When they see themselves continuously improving, they will be excited, motivated, and ready to take on new challenges.  Additionally, students can meet other musicians, make music, or even join a band.  This is an excellent way to build a student’s personal skills, while also having fun doing it!

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