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Drum & Symbol


Lucas has enjoyed drumming ever since he was knee high and began taking lessons when he was 10 years old.  In 2014, he joined the worship team at his home church where he played the drums and bass guitar, and he continues to play these instruments to this day.  Apart from church, he has been blessed to play at multiple venues over the years, including: retreats, fundraisers, private corporate functions, worship evenings, Christmas celebrations, and various studio work.  Lucas has performance experience with the following genres, including: Contemporary Christian, Blues, Jazz, and 70s Rock.  His personal music projects are composed of his original writing of music and lyrics, arranging, recording, and instrumentation in which he plays the piano, guitar, and organ--and he also performs vocals.  Lucas is thrilled to be a part of the teaching faculty with Mr. Lavidas at Breaking Grounds in Music, and he prays that God is glorified in teaching the joy and art of drumming!

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