Matt Beckler

We are proud to have Matt Beckler on board with us!



Matt grew up on the outskirts of Chicago, the son of a 60's rock n' roller whose band regularly opened for bigger touring acts such as the Ides of March, Madura, and Rufus and Chaka Chan. His father's father was the bandleader of a Chicago based Big Band. So, for Matt, growing up hearing these colorful stories from his father and grandfather, as well as being exposed to the plethora of great music that was played in his house, many deep impressions were made. From a young age, his interest and musical talent made it apparent to his family that he, too, would pursue a life filled with song.

Matt got his professional start in music at the age of 21 when he signed on as a staff songwriter with Tom Collins Music, a well-established publishing company on legendary Music Row in Nashville. Through relationships such as this, as well as agreements made with other companies, like Gotee Records, he has had the opportunity to record many projects over the years, and has toured extensively in support of them. Thirty+ of his songs have been used in TV and film, which has also allowed his music to reach a greater audience. After many years of working as a writer, producer, performer, but having no formal training, Matt decided to take a year off to further his education. Not long after completing his time in school, he was offered a position for a church music director. Since that time, he has had the privilege to consistently lead music in a local church context, with the past 5 years being spent in a full-time Worship Director position. In December of 2015, Matt and his wife of eleven years, Tiffany, made the long journey from Nashville to join the staff of Village Church of Barrington. They both share an enthusiasm for all types of music, collecting vinyl records, live performance, and art. While Matt is fully engaged with his daily responsibilities at work, he is constantly continuing to write, record, and release new music.